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Dearest Sisters in Love and Hope,

What a joy it was to see so many of you at our gathering on Oct. 4th at Universal City First Baptist Church. If you missed, please know that we expected our prayers for God to pour down big buckets of hope on our city to fall on each of you as well as on us. It is amazing what God's Love for us, joined with our love for one another can do.

This past weekend I watched a video called "Holy Ghost" by Wanderlust Productions. My heart was stirred anew to listen and obey the voice of Holy Spirit. Two verses from the video sent me back into His Love Letter to find out what He wanted me to hear. My ears kept hearing the words ' your good Father will not give you a snake'. This is not exactly as the translation read so I started at the beginning. In Matt. 7:7-11 there are three active verbs that result in rewards. Ask and receive; seek and find; and knock and what was shut will be opened. Then Jesus says it another way: When a child asks the Father for bread, He won't give the child a stone; or the child asks for a fish, the Father will not give the child a snake. Any good father gives things that are good for their child and since God is the only truly good Father all His answers to prayer are good. How many times do you and I pray because we have learned to do at least that much, but we don't really believe that we will receive, and if we do receive, it might just be stones or snakes! So what to believe? Prayer is active, progressive and rewarding. The more I pray believing prayers, the more I will want to pray and the greater the rewards will be. Ask for God's presence to be evident to you and then expect to see your Good Father everywhere you go.

The second verse has really rocked my small world. 1 John 3:8b "The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil". When you begin to walk in the truth that the Spirit of Christ is within you, then you must also know that you by His Spirit have been given the purpose of destroying the works of the devil. The door to the power of heaven is open to you, so begin to destroy the works of the devil as you have been called to do. Each time I pray for a troubled marriage or a hopeless friend I am fulfilling my mandate to destroy the devil's attempt to have his way. Every time I pray over a woman who is struggling with her past or her future, I have been given the blood brought privilege of exercising the power of Jesus within me, to destroy that which satan meant for evil.

Last weekend Moms in Prayer from all over the world came together in Dallas to meet one another and to hear of all that God has been doing throughout the whole world because of His Love for their prayers. Earlier this year God breathed new life into Child Evangelism Fellowship here in San Antonio. Today God showed me through three different ways that He is going to do something amazing through these two organizations, so please start praying that each Good News Club will have a moms group praying for it.

In His Power to destroy the works of the devil,

Mary Mize Hellums
Coordinator for City Wide Women’s Prayer

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