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Dear Sisters of the Cross,

As we prepare to celebrate the greatest sacrifice and the greatest gift to humanity on April 20th,my mind and heart have been set on Jesus’gift of the Holy Spirit, which was the Promise of the Father made in Luke 24:49. Imagine the disciples confusion when Jesus tells them in John 16:7 that His leaving the earth is to their advantage. That the very thing they dread is going to be a real blessing. He says, “that if I depart, I will send the Helper to you.” Now the thought, that another incredible grace of the crucifixion and resurrection is that Jesus gave each believer the greatest power source on earth as our indwelling Helper and Counselor, has not been at the forefront of my mind on past Easters, but then I have never been so fixed on the Holy Spirit as I am right now.

The Father is the source of all blessings, Jesus is the channel of all blessings, and the Holy Spirit makes the blessings living and active in our lives. The Divine Power of the Triune Godhead lives within our mortal bodies because Jesus took our sins upon Himself, thus allowing our spirits to be made alive in Christ, and so we are now an appropriate place for the Spirit of Jesus to dwell. The Holy Spirit indwells each of us, not as a separate being, but as our very life. Jesus’ life becomes our life. Even as I write this I am thinking how can this be, but since Jesus said it I believe it.

So the question is what do I do with this piece of information?

Well for praying women like us, we appropriate the power within us to pray in the Spirit in one accord. The verse for the National Day of Prayer is Romans 15:6 says, “ that you may with one mind and one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” It is the Spirit that gives us the power to do this very thing. Unity is God’s Passion, Jesus’ Prayer and the Spirit’s Power.

The National Day of Prayer affords us the privilege of giving the world a picture of visible unity. On Thursday, May 1 first at The King’s Mission Fellowship at 9:30 AM and then at noon on the steps of City Hall, we can be in one accord, in one place, and in one Spirit. This is a picture of Acts 2:1 which was our theme verse for our October 2012 gathering at Destiny. What if God wants to do what He did at Pentecost at our May 1st gathering? Let us pray!

May the Spirit fill us from head to toe,

Mary Mize Hellums
Coordinator for City Wide Women's Prayer

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