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Dear Sisters of Praise,

As thanksgiving is here, God has given me a reminder in Psalms 29 and 30 that praise and thanksgiving are the two healthiest things we can do for ourselves while we are here on this earth and some of the few things that we do that will continue on forever.

Two reasons for living according to Ps.30:9 are to praise Him and to declare His truth. Then in Ps. 30:4 it says that we are thankful when we remember His Holy Name.

Continual prayer, the one I am working on right now, is the way we do this. Always in a mode of finding something to thank and praise God for no matter what the circumstances. Like thank you ,my dear Father for giving me breathe to praise you now and for the promise of eternal praise yet to come. Sometimes praising and thanking God is the last thing on our mind; then we must run to the Scriptures for reasons like “joy comes in the morning” or “His favor is for a lifetime”(Ps.30:5). You may find it helpful to plumb the depths of this Psalm to find even more reasons to give Him praise and thanksgiving. Your spiritual and physical health depend on it.

My heart was stirred in Psalm 29 by the repetition of the physical characteristic of God, HIS VOICE. The VOICE of the Lord is over the waters, is powerful, is full of majesty, breaks the cedars, divides the flames of fire, shakes the wilderness, brings to birth, and strips the forest. All of these are a great show of His power and we can thank Him for His acts of power like the fact that He rules and overrules in the affairs of men. Then there are His acts of mercy like speaking and the deer gives birth.

Imagine that even a doe in the forest is told when to have her fawn!

God speaks to us through prayer. He answers prayers and I have to know that He spoke to those who are a part of the answer. He doesn’t seem to answer and even the silence is His VOICE saying “ come alittle closer”. He whispers and we know the intimacy of His Presence. His Word jumps off the page and we know we have heard the VOICE of God. Even when God is silence, God is saying something. He is saying“come alittle closer”. Be sure to thank Him for His powerful words and His gentle whispers.

While we are thanking God for speaking to us, let’s also thank Him for speaking to the Head of the Southern Baptist Convention about the importance of prayer. He is now traveling the country calling on pastors in his denomination to make prayer a focal point for sermons and even Sunday morning worship services. Can you imagine how happy this makes our Lord Jesus who made prayer the beginning of everything He did here on earth! Please pray that other denominations and pastors will want to do likewise.

May you be blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places and found thanking our dear Jesus at every remembrance of His Holy Name.

In His Presence,

Mary Mize Hellums
Coordinator for City Wide Women’s Prayer

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