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Dear Ladies in Waiting,

Years ago at First Presbyterian Church for the National Day of Prayer God lead me to ask the women who attended to join a prayer group if they were not already in one. Many of you did exactly that, but now because of the desperate, urgent state of the family, the church, the city, the nation and the world, I am being lead to ask you to do a new thing- start a prayer group.

Just last week I sat in meetings where we prayed for revival and heard reports of places where revival is breaking out. While there God convicted me and encouraged me. No revival, personal or corporate, will come to an unrepentent people, so I sought the Lord for the dark places in my heart. What I heard brought deep sobs of contrition. Only the Holy Spirit could have been speaking because only He could have known on what to put His Finger.

After my own personal revival, I realized that we as God beloved children are guaranteed the greatest revival ever know when Jesus returns to this earth, but until then do we just sit on our hands and watch our culture sink into darkness, hoping that Jesus will come before our children and grandchildren have to live in a world so polluted that Jesus might say to us, “See! Your House is left to you desolate (Matt.23:38). If I sound passionate and slightly urgent it is because God has stirred up a desperation for revival in our city and beyond. We are not called to a holy huddle; we are called to watch and pray and hope. Paul knew that Jerusalem would fall , but everyday he got up to preach and pray that while he was alive he would lead as many people to Christ, strengthen the church by making disciples and pray like all of that depended on God, until there was no breathe in him. Would that it would be the way Jesus describes the end of each of our lives. I know it is what He wants for us all. Some believe that if just 10% of the Body of Christ in this nation got serious about repenting, praying and working while it is still day, we could see another Great Awakening.

Bold prayer is contagious. That is why I ask you to start a prayer group. Jesus says in Matt. 18:20 that “when two or three are gathered in His Name, there He is also”. Jesus is in the middle of any prayer group whose participants call out to Him. Prayer groups can be to pray for your church, missionaries, families, schools, nation, marriages or anything that is on the Heart of God. Some of us love to pray in our prayer closets and that is great, but imagine the encouragement you give others when you pray with those who perhaps can learn from you, the power of a praying women. Every time we come together as the women of City Wide Prayer I am hoping that this will be the time when the church we gather at will be full to overflowing. Can you imagine the sense of Jesus’ Presence we would feel with that many “two or three”s! May 7th at Westside Fellowhip of Oak Hills could be the time. Please join us and invite women in your church, your neighborhood, and your friendships. Young and old alike.

This National Day of Prayer could be the day that revival in our country breaks out. If at all possible plan to go down to City Hall after our gathering. That gathering begins at noon and is not too far from the church where we are meeting. The steps of City Hall is a great place to express our unity.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Power!

Mary Mize Hellums
Coordinator for City Wide Women’s Prayer

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