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Dearest Ladies in Waiting,

As you can tell by the attached flyer, our prayers are answered and we know where we will be and for what we will be praying. You are going to be so blessed by our morning praise and prayer time at Universal City First Baptist Church. The church has gone out of its way to host us and to give us such loving attention. We will be in Peace Hall, which is their original sanctuary and a perfect size room for us. Please begin praying that the Holy Spirit will be even now roaming the city raising up women to come together in unity to pray for the hope that we all need for the times we are living.

How many of us need hope to sustain us in the days that have come upon us? Each of us has a prayer list that seems to grow longer and longer, yet we are called to wait on the Lord and to not lose hope. What does it mean to hope in the Lord? One definition that I like is "a steady, prevailing persuasion that the good God promises will come". Hope is in the future graces of God. If you can see something or it has already occurred it is not hope. Hope is a strong expectation that what is promised will come to pass. Hope is always before us.

The hard work of prayer would be easier if we lived in the expectant hope that what God has promised, He is also able to do. The disciples probably would have recognized the Resurrected Jesus a lot quicker if they had been waiting expectantly for Him. So our hope is in the Person and character of God and Promises, as well as in His total involvement in our lives. Praying God's Word is a great way to keep our eyes on the One we are hoping will answer our prayers. Our comfort comes from knowing hope never disappoints because even while we are waiting, the love of God is being poured out through the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I am so busy looking for future hopes to be fulfilled, that I miss the daily, sometimes minute by minute evidences of the manifest glory of God. Lamentations tells us that "The Lord is good to those who wait upon Him". While we are eagerly hoping, the Anchor of our soul, Jesus Himself, is waiting right along with us and He is the One, who makes the waiting seem not so long. He renews our will to keep hoping, all the while giving us His endurance and perseverance.

May we be found with enduring hope.

Mary Mize Hellums
Coordinator for City-Wide Women's Prayer

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